Looking for Real Comfort Amidst the Burning Heat and Humidity in Summer? This Portable Air cnditioner will Astound you!

by Eric Milton

July 10, 2020
Gadget & Tech

Whenever the National Weather Services announces that the coming summer will be hotter, people worry a lot about how they shall keep themselves cool in the burning heat. Although there are several air conditioners in the market including portable ones, none has come close to the Blaux Portable AC, a new product of Blaux Company.

I must say that Blaux Company is revolutionizing the over $130 billion AC industry with its portable air conditioners. In most cases, when you purchase an air conditioner, it is normally a gamble and you will have your fingers crossed whenever you plug it in praying that it has the perfect power to keep your home, office or space air-conditioned. With the newest Blaux Portable ACBlaux, you don’t have to worry yourself about the efficiency of the gadget. It just amazes you!

How is this air conditioner different from the rest?

The Blaux Portable AC, especially the latest model, was designed by engineers specialized in aerospace and electric vehicle air coolers.

Compared to traditional air conditioners and the rest of portable air conditioners, I find Blaux Portable AC more efficient, compact and portable. And most importantly, it is powerful enough to create a cool atmosphere.

The AC is a real game-changer in the industry owing to its low cost, low maintenance cost and reliability in keeping your home and office space air-conditioned.

It does not require any set-up costs. Contrary to the traditional air conditioners that require professionals to fit them in buildings, Blaux Portable AC is not fixed but rather portable. You only have to carry it with you to wherever you want and switch it on.

Its portability gives you the flexibility to also use it anywhere you wish. The AC is cordless and you are therefore not limited by the availability of a power socket.If you want to use it in your office, just carry it to your office desk and position it where you want it. The place where you place it does not have to be dictated by the proximity of a power socket. Enjoy cool air anywhere you go!

And in addition to cooling your space/room, the Blaux portable air conditioner also filters the conditioned air making it healthier especially to people with seasonal allergies.

How does it work?

Blaux portable air conditioner is amazingly easy to set up.

To start with, the AC is cordless. It uses powerful 200mAh rechargeable battery. Therefore, you will need to ensure that the battery is fully charged to ensure that the AC runs for a longer time. The AC comes with a USB type C cable for charging. If you are using the AC in office, you can plug it into your PCs USB port for charging if the battery becomes discharged. It is just so cool!

So, once the AC is well charged, carry it to the place you want it and fill its 300ml reservoir with water. The regular tap water will do.

Then press the start button to switch the portable AC Blaux on.

There are three buttons on the top that enables you to select the specific temperatures you want. You can select cool, chill or freeze depending on what you feel you will be comfortable with.

The portable AC decreases the temperatures of your room by an average of 10°C/ 18°F in just second.

And you don’t have to be very close to the air conditioner. You would comfortably feel its effect if you sit on one corner of a 400 sqft and place the Blaux portable air conditioner on the other corner.

Also, you don’t have to worry about nuisance noises when the AC is turned on. It is almost impossible to note if the Blaux Portable AC is on since it is extremely quiet.


  • Sleek elegant designBlaux portable AC looks fabulous for homes and offices. It easily blends in with any décor it also comes in 7 different colours and you can choose the colour that best suits you.
  • Cutting-edge cooling technology – the AC is made using a titanium cooling element making it more efficient compared to other air conditioners. The cooling technology used in this AC model is patented by Blaux.
  • Easy to use – It does not require a professional to get the AC running. You only need to feel its reservoir with water, turn it on and select the mode you want.
  • Three different cooling modes – You can choose to have the AC cool, chill or freeze your room by selecting the mode using three buttons at the top.
  • Quick and highly efficient – It only takes 30 seconds for you to enjoy the fresh cool air. It pumps out air at the rate of 2.7m/s.
  • Lightweight – the AC weighs less than 2 pounds when not filled with water. In addition to its compact design, the AC is easily transportable. It also comes with a strap that you can use to carry it along.
  • Exceptionally quiet – You will hardly notice that the AC is running. No disturbing noises to distract your concentration or disturb your sleep.
  • Clean air – In addition to cooling your room, Blaux Portable AC Blaux has a water curtain trap that ensures that dust and other particles are removed from the air that the AC pumps out thus providing clean air for you to breath.
  • Adjustable louvres – this allows you to direct the cool air from the AC to whichever direction you want.
  • Energy-efficient – The AC only uses a fraction of the electricity other air conditioners uses thus making the portable AC highly efficient. Low electricity consumption means low electricity bills!

How Much Does the Blaux Portable AC Cost?

At the moment, Blaux Portable AC is one of the most affordable air conditioners. It is currently selling for $178.00.

Additionally, Blaux is currently offering a 50% promotional discount. Meaning you can order a Blaux Portable AC at only $89.

Compared to most other air conditioners that go for over $300, Blaux Portable AC is just a game changer in the market. It is simply all you need from an AC!

It is almost unbelievable getting such an efficient air conditioner at such a low cost!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) about Blaux Portable AC

a. Does it require any installation?

No, the AC is a portable compact system. It does not need any installation. You simply carry it to wherever you need it, turn it on and as long as its battery is charged and there is water in its reservoir, it will efficiently cool your room.

b. Do I need to purchase NEW batteries when the AC’s batteries become discharged?

No, Blaux Portable AC comes with a rechargeable 200mAh lithium battery. When the battery becomes discharged, you simply plug in the AC to a charging port. And since it comes with a USB type C cable, you can as well charge it using your laptop if using it in your work office.

c. Is it safe to use the Blaux Portable AC when sleeping?

Absolutely, yes. Blaux Portable AC is exceptionally quiet and it does not disturb your sleep. Additionally, the 200mAh battery ensures that the AC remains running throughout the night.

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