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by Eric Milton

Updated August 3, 2020
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Our rating: 9.9/10

The Internet has become one of the most important aspects of our lives ranging from working, learning to entertainment. And whether you are watching videos/movies online, downloading stuff, playing online jobs, working from home/office, or attending a virtual video conference, a fast internet connection is essential.

The solution has always been using WiFi routers. However, the router coversa small radius and you will require a WiFi booster to boost the strength and range of your router’s WiFi network.

And just like any other tech product, there are hundreds if not thousands of WiFi boosters and getting the right one could prove to quite hard. My company has dedicated its time and resources to reviewing these WiFi boosters to help you identify the best among them.

To do so we tested a range of the most popular WiFi boosters/extenders setting our standards high to determine which of the boosters would give us a tremendously fast internet speed in every corner of the house/office.

So, which is the best?

Of course, a perfect WiFi booster is one that ensures that you can stream in HD without buffering, get rock crystal clear video calls, finish downloads in just seconds and zero lag during online gaming. And most importantly, the booster should be affordable.

Our rating: 8.9/10

We got our hands on Netgear WiFi booster and it seemed to tick all the right boxes. It provided a fast internet speed and good internet range! However, the booster is too expensive going for $140 and its design makes it a bit bulky. We were also disappointed that internet signals seemed to drop occasionally. There were also compatibility issues with some routers.

Our rating: 8.5/10

We then got our hands on Devolo. It provided fast internet speeds, no dead zones and an internet range of about 500meters. However, its design was too bulky, had compatibility issues with some routers, did not automatically reconnect and its price was quite high.

Our rating: 8.0/10

Next was TRIFIBOOST. It offered transfer speeds of up to 443Mbps and increased internet coverage quite well. But it too was too bulky and it was also somehow expensive selling at about $59.

Our rating: 8.0/10

The next was XtraBoost, which seemed to in a way outperform all the others we had come across in terms of internet speeds, compatibility, and compact design. However, it too fell short in terms of cost.

At this time everything looked like we would never get our hands on that ideal WiFi extender. But the next one that we got our hands on was exactly what we were looking for!

RangeXTD just mesmerized us! It ticked all the right boxes and even exceeded our expectations!

But what makes RangeXTD stand out? How effective is RangeXTD?

Just like with the other WiFi boosters that we were testing, we started by studying this WiFi extender’s specs and to our excitement, we discovered that RangeXTD GHz emitters to increase the speed and WiFi coverage.

RangeXTD amazed us right from the start. We could almost not believe how much it cost. One RangeXTD was going for $49.95!

We plugged in the WiFi extender and started testing its range and it was just unbelievable! It was capable of delivering consistent internet speed of over 3000Mbps over an area of 5000sqft. This was quite a game-changer since with most of the other boosters, internet strength decreased with range.

We must also point out that setting up RangeXTD WiFi Booster only took us about 2 minutes which is faster than most of the other WiFi extenders we tried.

Also, most WiFi extenders only provide two connection modes. But RangeXTD provides multiple connection modes. Also, we found it to be 100% compatible with any internet router.

Here are the details:

  • Lightning-fast speeds of up to 300MbpsRangeXTD boosts your WiFi internet over the entire range to a consistent speed of 300Mbps.
  • 5000sqft internet coverageRangeXTD extends the internet coverage area of your router to 5000sqft which is enough for most buildings.
  • Multiple connection modes – it can be used as a WiFi repeater, router and access point.
  • Compact design – it has a new and improved design making it more portable.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – You are guaranteed to get your money back in case you do not like what you receive in your order.
  • 100% compatibleRangeXTD is compatible with any router.
  • Super easy plug and play setup – It only takes about 2 minutes to plug the RangeXTD WiFi extender and set it up for use.

Is There Any Downside to RangeXTD WiFi extender?

YES, the only downside we could get our hands on was that the extender sells out too quickly. Thousands and thousands are being sold every week, especially with the discounts when buying more than one at a go. Chances of selling out before you get yours are high! So, be quick to visit their website and get yourself one RIGHT NOW!

This is the only official site. DO NOT BUY ANYWHERE ELSE. Get the REAL THING. Buy the well-engineered, PREMIUM QUALITY RangeXTD get all the advances and new technology built into this award winning product.

About the Author: Eric Milton

Eric is a business consultant who loves the latest technologies, innovations and breakthroughs. He usually covers stories about exciting new technology products.

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